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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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and it has been vacant since. what i am trying to say is that a locally owned business, except for boston market has been unable to make this location work. and we look forward to and ask that you grant the conditional use permit so that a strong financial operator can go in and maintain that property >> i am going to ask that whoever is making the whisper sounds to cool it, next speaker please? >> good afternoon and i along with my six siblings, own part
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of market street, i want to talk about the positive that it will have and first i will do the opposition. >> in the current newsletter it describes us as absentee and out of town land lords who also stated that we let the property go into disrepair, these statements are not true, the family all seven of us were born in and raised in and around san francisco, we have owned this property since 1970. for 17 years i was on the board of the san francisco museum and historic society and at the time i was vice president, as an infant our dad, a small business, survived the quake of 1906. we are not fly by nighters, or out of towners, the family has strong ties to this city.
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the owners walked away with food in the fridges and we removed the garage and trash and we had the parking lot steam cleaned and the trash and graffiti removed. the castro upper market community benefit under the leadership and the executive director, have been and continue to be supportive in us in trying to keep this property clean and graffiti free. >> keeping a vacant property has been an overwhelming challenge and since the building has been without a tenant there are numerous break-ins my husband and i have
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been called to the site late at night when the front broken in and the bolt unlocked, the police were there and had to enter the building guns drawn to make sure that no one was lurking inside, the same scenario has happened in the daylight hours as well. i have a lot of photographs, but i will leave them for you to look at. in closing, what i hope for this site is to have a clean, lively place where healthy food is served, a business that is operated by people who are experienced, and who have a proven track record for success, people who care about the neighborhood and care about the environment. people with a sense of aesthetics and of the community and i think that we found such a tenant with chipotle, i thank you for your time.
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>> (inaudible) we support our families with this business, we are like 52 members that are held together and we support it. and, i am being in this restaurant for 20 years. and why, just in 50 feet we are a mexican restaurant, chilango and (inaudible) and (inaudible) and we are doing good. fairly good, we support our families. chipotle just one more restaurant, for us, it is our life. we depend on that restaurant. and our families, and we have our really (inaudible) food.
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the problem is we need to start thinking that they can put us out of the business. we cannot support that kind of (inaudible) for a long time. if you allow them to work there. it will loss our jobs, we loss the way that we support our family and how that we support our children, thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> good afternoon. i am in favor of chipotle coming in for a couple of reasons. and express the jobs that will be available or coming to, and as as far as the renovation, and the city jobs at the restaurant as well. and in addition my other comment is the housing that is coming on-line, to that area, there will be choices for people to eat, and chipotle
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would offer that. as well as the other mexican restaurants that are in that area, they all offer a different unique to their menu, so we have chipotle, thank you. >> hi, my name is katherine and i am a resident of the area, at 15 and this church street, and i have lived there for seven years and i feel so grateful as to be able to move from my adult life to a place that has culture and has neighborhoods, and i am so devastated to see that this potentially are going away. and i am, personally friends with the business owners and they support me and i support them and that is the culture of our street. i am not talking all the way up and down market i am just talking about church street and i know that is in danger with
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this coming in. and chipotle is a great business, i look forward to seeing it up and down the highways on i5:singer, i hope that there is more options for people out in the suburbs but, we don't need it. period. we just don't need it and i am here supporting the local businesses that i want to stay. >> >> i am going to call a few more names so we can up here. >> jennifer ewing, ken >> j ennifer ew ing, ken s2no waldic. steve zimmerman, tim, dun n and gary wiess. >> good evening, my name is mike and i have been a resident of the castro for the past 20 years. i support the chipotle coming in to the church market street,
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14th street, restaurant. and the reason that i support it is because if you walk up church street, all the way to castro, if you walk up market street from church all wait to castro and you walk down castro to the market to 19th street, there are 15 vacant buildings in the neighborhood and we have all of these other buildings that are coming on-line in the next 12 months, which there is going to be more space for which will have more open space that the storefronts in the area. you have to use the common sense here. there can be formula retail, chipotle, and small businesses, in the same district, it does not have to be one or the other. when you have as many vacantcies as we have in this neighborhood right now, it only invites, light and filth, if you walk up market street from the castro and down to 19th that is what you see, we can't
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have more vacantcies because if we do, it is going to continue this cycle of the delap dation and bliet. we should welcome a good corporate sit ten like chipotle and into the neighborhood and celebrate them being there and generating a thriving business for the people who live in that neighborhood. thank you very much. >> >> whoever is ready come on up. >> i am a local artist for 30 years and i was close to the project site and i am a business owner, and i do murals. and i am here to give you a little personal story, because one of the highlights of my mural business and my business of late has been (inaudible) and i have worked with them in
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three capacities, i have done signage and exterior panting and a mural inside, it is part of the process that they are proposing and i wonder if the people of chipotle realize how hard it is to get a group of muralists together because it takes a lot of hard work, but i have enjoyed my work because i know of the owners there and the passion they have for really good food, and in the destination place, it is distinctive and it is original. and this is a kind of business that i like to see as a local person supporting it, i don't think that i would be one to really want to walk into chipotle because i could go to the mall and have that experience, it is very unique environment and i feel that the balance is at risk here and i ask that you if you have a choice today to choose in favor of keeping something that is really a very unique experience instead of upsetting the balance which i feel is at
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stake here. thank you. >> we can try to use that overhead. >> i am the only one in the room that has negotiated on behave of the corela property for the lease that chipotle wants to get. i was the one that negotiated with david wiess also, so when i heard about star belly, i honestly right now today, have
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never talked to star belly. i want to correct that misrepresentation and also the associates and a number of areas, but specifically let's talk about a couple. they say that we know that chipotle out maneuvered a very successful san francisco business from opening in this location. and this statement is completely false. we negotiate a lease with wiess on the ability to obtain a liquor license, these were costly in terms of times and money and ended at the 11th hour as we discovered that the restaurant did not have a lk or license for the patio of the restaurant with no guarantee that you could secure a liquor
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license in that area, he terminated our negotiations. chipotle is not going to increase the rents in the district, at least they are not, they are going to pay us exactly the same amount that home paid us in 2010. with the respect of the move, they have received it of locals and wendy is mistaken and steve will talk about that. and i want to conclude by in a
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letter sent to the planning commission stated and i quote while i understand the need to carefully strutize every merchant, i do not believe that we should be unreasonable. the location 2100 market is 4,000 square feet. chipotle is a business that can maintain such a pace. >> thank you. >> i am a company called restaurant realty company and a former restaurant owner san francisco and my family owns restaurant and i was appointed by the bankruptcy court in august of 2011 to represent the debtor at 2100 market to sell the assets subject to obtaining the lease with the landlord and we proceeded to market the
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property by putting the signing on the building and we marketed it through the 12 business web sites and we do an e-mail blast over 15,000 buyers every other week and very well exposed and we had a number of interested parties approached the bankruptcy court and they were deemed to be financially and operationally not qualified. and after several months of marketinging the trustee for the bankruptcy court decided that it was not feasible to continue the administrative cost and moved to discontinue the process. >> chipotle became aware of this opportunity and although i was not being compensated i am in favor, it will enhance the neighborhood, and they provide a high quality product for the customer and chipotle serves the food with integrity and support and sustain the family
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farmers and respect the land and the animals in their care, and they use the meat from home grown, without the use of antibiotics or added hormones and they source the organics and the local produce. they use the dary from the cows raised and they use recycled paper products and for reasons that i believe that chipotle will be an asset for this project. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is tim dunn and i live a half a block away from the site and i would like to voice my optician for the project, but i would like to sort of broaden the discussion beyond the formula retail subject and we are talking about in the urban design at this location and it is a very core of the system
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and the core of san francisco and church and market street and in 2008, the planning commission passed the market plan which the basic premise of the plan was the negotiations between the neighbors and the city that the neighborhood was willing to accept significantly higher densities, provided that the planning department pursue measure to reduce congestion in the neighborhood and to limit the parking in the neighborhood. and this site, as a surface parking lot and curve cuts on to market street which are on the right adjacent to the bike lane and adjacent to the stairs and the elevator to the church street station and this is very inappropriate use for the site. and the market activity plan that passed five years ago said that these types of uses the parking were to expire after five years and so, i urge that
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the commission to if it were to pass, this in this, that they should be a requirement to eliminate the parking and the surface parking and the curve cut but again i will pose it as proposed thank you. >> hello commissioners, i was the first jennifer ewing on the list. >> my name is leo and i am the partner here in the business, and i am also the ceo of the developing environment which is a artist coop in the commission district. i am here to support victor and edwardo specifically because i don't want to see them, their businesses or their families pushed out of the neighborhood.
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i learned a lot about chipotle today. and a lot of what has been said is admirable. this is just a wrong place. thank you. >> go ahead. >> my name is terry and i am the president of the merchant's of upper market and castro. i also was born and raised in san francisco, in the castro and my family has owned a business in the castro for over 77 years, the merchants of upper market and castro support chipotle going into this location. and i just want to talk a little bit about the relationship about the merchant formula retail and because a lot of time we talk about it as a big, ugly, chipotle has not been that from the get go.
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they reached out to us when they started the negotiations of the lease of the property at 2100 market street. the express showed us the plans that they had in mind and they immediately changed the plans with every certain that we expressed. they wanted to serve alcohol in the outdoor patio that went into the parking lot and we asked them that and they removed it from the plans and we talked about how filthy it is right now and what they can do for the graffiti and beautifying that corner and safety coming out of the muni station and they tried to address all of those things. and i know that you are guys are constantly talking about signage which you might not have control over, but you talk about it all of the time. and they have tried to work with that and they have minimized the signage and it is not brightly lit and it is small. and they have tried to work with the neighborhood. most of the time, when formula retail comes to the merchant association, we are pushing them to give back to the
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neighborhood. i didn't even have my mouth opened before they were saying how can we work with the neighborhood? >> what does the neighborhood need? what does the neighborhood want? they have already done out reach to the elementary schools in the neighborhood. and they sponsored having the civil rights academy spring fling and they want to give back and be part of the neighborhood and trying to be good neighbors. as far as the big bad ugly formula retail goes, they are really the kind of negotiations that we want to see in form law retail they besinger want to be a good neighbor and resource locally and give back to the neighborhood. and for that they should be congratulationsed. as men have said, that corner is a hard place to stay in business. every single restaurant that has been there has gone bankrupt and we really, really need to see it filled with something that is sustained and help the neighborhood.
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thank you. >> i will call the last batch of names. >> david troop, dylan macavin. >> dennis richards. and allen nelson. >> and my name is gary wiess and i am the president of the heights neighbors and on the planning committee sxim also the owner of a small business on market street, two blocks from the site being discussed. and i have owned and operated my flower shop for 30 years now. san francisco, is a very popular destination and millions of people visit each year and come for the beauty and uniqueness, the castro upper market neighborhood are visited by hundreds of thousands each year, and those people come to see a vibrant neighborhood with the businesses that don't exist anywhere else and they do not come for the same stories. and each formula retail
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business that moves in, dilutes our uniqueness. formula retail establishment cans and do afford to pay as much as 4 times when the non-formula retail business has been paying at the same location. >> property owners see this opportunity and frequently are content to leave the buildings vacant. as there is no rent control no small business will be able to afford the leases. the rents will remain at a more affordable level and i want to make a couple of corrections from the things that people have said, one is that of all of the vacantcies in the area, there are a number of those vacantcies that are in discussions to be leased. that is number one, and number two is my first visit to san francisco is in 1967 and
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restaurant was there, burks, and it was in business for many years before going bankrupt and also the john frank, and later, the same ownership were in business for many, many years before going bankrupt. boston chicken went bankrupt. very quickly and that was a chain store, so i don't see that having a chain store is the answer to a viable business in that location and the last thing that i want to say is that allen beach the president of the valley association had to leave, and i just wanted to say that our... the board as well as our membership supported, and it was definitely opposed to this coming in, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> commissioners, good evening, my name is dennis richards and i am the former president of the bose triangle association and also the sitting member of the market citizen community advisory committee and i have to tell you that i love chipotle. i love their lime chips and i love the burrito bowls and i am the one wanting to go to chipotle across the street in oregon and my staff says why chipotle every time because i love chipotle, unfortunately it is not about the burrito bowl it is about whether this is necessary or desirable. it is part of the upper market and i want to you look at it, to look at it from the church street subportion and there are nova , vacantcies and people are coming in and spending money and it is a destination. i don't think that adding a
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chipotle there is really going to add anything to the neighborhood, i don't think that it is necessary, it is probably not even desirable because in fact if it puts the other restaurants out of business what is the net employment gain when you lose 13 and 12 and gain some, they have incredible financial and campaign to get the supporters on-line and a big size matters and at the local bay and i think that size matters sums it up, they are going to put the other restaurants out of business these are their words not mine, i take exception to mr. genus's characterization of the vacantcies, 2223 market, he flashed too fast, it is already rented out, and the associates rented it out to peske and they are opening up another restaurant on market street and our neighborhood is happening and under construction, trigger bar is going to become bow and the owner of the edge bar have rented that out and you can see the construction is happening
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there. there is 7 vacantcies from what i can tell and how many? what is the percent and let's put that in context. i think that mr. serina was dis enginueos, i was sitting at the restaurant and after the dot com bust that was not a business model that was going to work and then home took over and they were there until 2011 and after the second dot com bust and the rate recession they went out of business which is kind of obvious, it was hard and a lot of restaurants went out of business and so those two restaurants were there 13 years total. it was not like they were open and closed in six months. >> if you look at the letters of opposition, all of the neighborhood businesses would house the fish, and inspiration, all voiced their opposition and all have jamba juice, two starbucks and the
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gnc. that is what this will do, thank you. >> good afternoon, maybe good evening, commissioners, my name is david troop. and i am lived in the triangle for 13 years and i am on the board. there are more reasons to disapprove this project than i have time to talk about and many of them have been covered, the existing mexican restaurants within a block of this location, the dramatic impact that formula retail has on neighborhood character and on setting expectations for land lords, and encouraging them to hold out for these credit tenants and yet the commercial real estate is a cycle business it is not reasonable to think that you
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can rent the space and you will have the same tenant for 30 years or ten years, if you do you are lucky. but a certain amount of turnover, it is just the nature of that business. the point of market is literally the gateway to the castro and the market, whatever we put in that spot sets the tone for the whole neighborhood. and putting a fast food chain in that location, and chipotle is a wonderful fast food chain as fast food chains go, i eat there myself sometimes. it is a national chain and you can find it anywhere. and it won't attract people to the neighborhood and it will not attract people from other san francisco neighborhoods to the neighborhood because you
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can go anywhere and find a chipotle. >> and it was interesting to note that on the petitions that were gathered chipotle did not have too many more signatures than the opposing petitions, despite the act that they ran these ads and ran to sign the on-line petition. anyone that comes in there is going to clean up that location but the lease was locked up over a year ago by chipotle and so, you know the potential other restaurants since then have not had an opportunity to vie for it and i hope that you will make the right decision for the neighborhood and disapprove this proposal. >> are the